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Digital Product Review

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Maximize your online success with a digital product review on Seodeluxe

Do you have a software, a WordPress plugin or a digital product from the field of online marketing? Then we would be happy to write a detailed, honest and independent digital product review about it on the Seodeluxe Online Marketing Blog.

Our professional and well-founded product reviews offer you an excellent opportunity to have your digital product tested by our team of experts. We then create an SEO-optimized product report for you. This way, you gain the trust of your customers and increase your sales.

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Possible types of digital product reviews

Software (Standalone / Download)

Software (Online, SaaS)

WordPress Plugins (Free / Paid)

Digital Products & Tools

Online Marketing Services

Please note: Only product reviews from the area of online marketing are possible, as only these fit thematically to the website of Seodeluxe.

Your advantages when you have a digital product review written by us

Credibility and trust

By working with our blog, you signal to potential customers that you value transparency and honesty. Our readers have trusted us for many years as a trusted source of honest reviews. By letting us review your digital products, you can leverage this trust and strengthen the credibility of your brand.

Reach your target audience

Our blog has a loyal readership interested in online marketing, digital tools and related topics. By publishing a product review, you directly reach your target audience. Potential customers who are actively looking for solutions to their challenges will become aware of your products and are more likely to buy them.

Professional expertise

Our team consists of experienced online marketing experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in various industries. We thoroughly research and analyze your digital products to deliver a high-quality assessment. By benefiting from our expertise, you gain valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your products and can optimize them where necessary.

Increase visibility

By publishing a product review on our blog, you increase the visibility of your digital products. Our blog is visited by a wide readership, including other SEO experts, journalists and other influencers. This gives you the opportunity to promote your brand and generate interest in your products. You reach potential customers who might not otherwise have heard about your product.

According to studies, 93% of consumers say that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. This indicates that most consumers regularly read online reviews and rely on the reviews when making purchasing decisions.

Questions and answers about our product reviews

What is the aim of the digital product reviews on Seodeluxe?

Our goal is to provide a platform where companies or individuals can have their online marketing products or software products rated. We make this possible by testing the product extensively and then writing an honest and independent digital product review by the Seodeluxe team.

How does the evaluation process work?

As soon as you have contacted us, and we have clarified all the details together, we check your product for relevance, quality, usability and cost/benefit. We document all important points and create screenshots of the most important functions or areas. We then publish a detailed product review on our Seodeluxe blog (https://www.seodeluxe.de/blog/).

Who writes the product review?

Our reviewers are online marketing experts who have diverse backgrounds and experience. They are carefully selected to ensure that they can provide objective and valuable reviews. Most reviews are written by Marcell Sarközy himself, the founder and owner of the Seodeluxe agency. Through his online marketing and SEO experience since 2004, he knows a wide range of digital products and is therefore a recognized expert in writing product reviews.

What happens after the product evaluation is completed?

As soon as we have finished testing and writing, it will be published in the blog on our website. You will receive a notification from us that it is ready, and you will be able to view our article online immediately. Once live, you also have the option to use the product review created for your marketing purposes and social media channels to increase the trust of potential customers.

How much does it cost to get a product review?

Our time and manpower is also limited, so unfortunately we cannot offer you a detailed product evaluation free of charge. The cost of the working time for testing, documenting, writing and publishing varies depending on the scope and complexity of your digital product. As a rule, it is a common daily rate for an online marketing agency. If you contact us and tell us about your product, you will then receive a cost and effort estimate from us.

Are product reviews guaranteed to be positive?

No, we do not guarantee positive reviews. Our reviewers give honest and unbiased reviews based on their actual experience with the software or product. If we find something that we think can be improved, or we have ideas for new features, we will mention this in the product review. This allows the manufacturer to get constructive feedback and continuously improve their products. The Seodeluxe agency acts honestly and independently to provide our readers with the best possible service and information content.

How long do product reviews stay online?

Published articles remain online permanently unless your product / software is discontinued, or you explicitly request the deletion of the product report. Should you plan a relaunch, make major updates or introduce new functionalities, you are welcome to inform us. We will then adapt our review accordingly at your request.

Use cases and successful examples

Digitale Produktbewertung SiteProfiler


Digitale Produktbewertung SecuPress


  • Typ: WordPress Security Plugin
  • Content length: 1.839 words
  • Contains 12 screenshots
  • Ranking number 1 on Google
  • Link: SecuPress Product Review

Note: As of July 2023. Search engine rankings may change or fluctuate at any time.

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By having your digital products reviewed by our blog, you can reap a number of benefits. From increasing the credibility and visibility of your brand to the opportunity to receive valuable feedback, you can take your online marketing to the next level. Let us help you successfully promote your products and gain the trust of your customers.

Take advantage of these benefits to ensure your digital marketing software takes your business to the next level. Let us test and review your product to get the maximum benefit for your business.

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